Best indoor vine plants to cover your ceilings

Best indoor vine plants to cover your ceilings

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The latest in TikTok decor trends has followers creating greenery walls with faux plants. Perhaps a stress-reducer brought on by pandemic life, but one of the most popular TikTok trends u sers have been drawn to lately is the building of greenery walls with faux plants. We are SO here for it! Plants continue to grow in popularity for their calming aesthetics.

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13 Beautiful Hanging Greenery Installation Ideas for Your Wedding

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Climber plants have this quality of covering up the walls with growing branches and can produce a stunning effect on the walls that looks like an urban jungle. For a much more laid-back approach, you can place climbing plants on the top shelf to suspend the vining branches for a dramatic effect. Climber plants can be added to balconies or shelves indoors to create an appealing vertical garden.

Climber plants grow upwards from their planted position using the support of bigger plants, trees, or other artificial means like poles or walls.

Climbers develop tendrils or suckers stem sprouts to anchor or twine themselves to the nearest support and spread naturally across the area. The stems of the climbers can also be tied to an object to guide them in a particular direction. The clinging characteristic of climbers makes them an excellent addition to the balcony and indoor walls. Climbers can not only cover concrete walls to make them look lush but can also boost the colour and beauty of the space.

Here are our recommendations of climbing vines that are just perfect for Indian homes:. You have successfully cast your vote Login to view result. Fragrant indoor plants: Plants that will fill your rooms with delicious scent. Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining:Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email.

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How to put vines on ceiling

You love the drama of an indoor vine, how it crawls up its cage and adds natural greenery to any room. What if that room is a low-light environment? Can you still have indoor vines or will they stop growing? Which vines can handle dim lighting?

It's a look that adds whimsy and completes your space. Read below for our top 6 picks for indoor vines: Related Products.

17 Indoor Vine Plants for The Ultimate Jungle Vibe

If you want to bring a tiny piece of nature indoors, refresh your spaces, enliven them and create catchy decor without spending much money, indoor greenery is perfect. Rocking it is very trendy, not only for boho spaces but also for many other ones. Besides not taking floor space almost , they also look very interesting. Indoor vines can be incorporated into your home decor in many ways and in all the rooms. One of the most popular ideas is rocking vines in a bathroom , over the tub or shower to enliven the space and even keep privacy — just cover the window. Vines and potted greenery will make the bathroom very vivacious and fresh and turn it into an urban jungle. Another idea is rocking some vines in home offices — jut attach some open shelving over the desk and place vines there, and voila — your space is fresh! Living rooms can boast of vine covered walls or just some pots suspended with climbing plants hanging down. If you need more interesting ideas, I have them, too! If you have a loft space, cover the staircase and the border with vines — it looks amazing!


Indoor vine plants and climbing plants are great houseplants to bring nature into your home environment. The best indoor vine plants and climbers can be used in hanging baskets, trained to climb, or just put in a pot on a high shelf. Trailing house plants often grow well in low light—just perfect for shade, dim rooms, or offices. How to care for indoor vine plants: To grow thriving vine houseplants, plant in a pot with well-draining fertile soil, water when the soil is partly dry, mist occasionally to increase humidity, and fertilize monthly.

As I write these very words, I am taking a look around to count the houseplants I have on my writing desk and all around the room.

The 17 Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Elevate Your Space

Even those without a green thumb can appreciate the beauty of houseplants — if you're one of those people, this post is for you! We've compiled information on 32 low-maintenance plants ranging from tiny succulents all the way to small trees, something for every skill level. This outdoorsy touch is a great way to boost mood, add color to your interior, and build up gardening skill. Many people even enjoy keeping houseplants to purify the air, but it's important to consider some important caveats to that NASA study everyone keeps mentioning about — with that in mind, this list focuses on attractive aesthetics and easy maintenance only. Enjoy the search!

15 Best Indoor Climbing Plants for Your Urban Jungle

Vines look beautiful with their long, slender stems trailing, creeping and climbing the walls of your home. When put in containers hanging from the ceiling, the sunlight filtering through their leaves soothes and calms your senses. You can train them over doors, framing the windows, along bookcases or just have them trailing down the shelves. Give them adequate support in the form of posts, pillars, poles, beams and trellis. This is a fast growing vine with evergreen foliage that looks beautiful scaling the walls. You can place it in hanging baskets or on a high shelf by a window. The pointy leaves of this air purifying plant come in different shades of green with bits of blacks, whites and yellows thrown in. If you have cats, dogs and other pets at home, steer clear of the English ivy.

When put in containers hanging from the ceiling, the sunlight filtering through their leaves soothes and calms your senses. You can train them.

Top 6 Common Indoor Vines and Climbing Plants for Your House

An injection of foliage is the perfect way to breathe life into a functional and sterile bathroom — and with its low light and high humidity, the bathroom makes the perfect home for many houseplants. But while those very conditions might be a tropical paradise for some, other plants could barely last the duration of a shower without wilting and withering — so choosing the right plant to suit the environment is essential. Earlier in the year we hosted a Red Magazine event where the bathroom was a fabulous key feature!

Perennial Picks that Make Quick Climbers

Forget boring old cacti, these beauties can survive careless care-taking and will make you look like the gardener you never were! For centuries, humans have been trying to bring the outdoors indoors, and through trial and muddy carpets, have discovered a number of floras that can survive being confined to the same living spaces as us. Plus, this plant is super easy to grow — just snip off a small part of the stem and chuck it into water. How to care for it: Probably the easiest plant to care for, the Pothos can produce stems that trail eight feet or longer, so just cut them when they get too long and your plant will continue to look full and healthy. Just change the water once a week and use distilled water as tap water may contain harsh chemicals. For potted Pothos, just water and trim regularly.

When frost threatens, it's time to move many of your outside plants indoors.

Instagram offers a lot of inspiration and plant envy with photos of Philodendrons and Monsteras happily climbing towards the ceiling. What are the benefits of staking your plants? Many tropical houseplants, including Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos, and Scindapsus are considered epiphytes. This means that in their natural outdoor habitat they grow on other plants as a means of support to reach the brightly lit tree canopy. Moss poles mimic the texture of moist, mossy bark and provide physical support for your plants to grow aerial roots and climb upward.

Good news: green therapy is real and effective. In fact, research has shown that house plants make us happier and more productive. When you think of vines, you might think of the quintessential wall-climbing varieties grown in outdoor gardens. With that said, growing vines indoors gives you freedom to choose whether you want your chosen plant to climb or trail, i.