Landscape plants names

Landscape plants names

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Did you know that ornamental plants can be grown inside and outside of your house? They are, in fact, very adaptive to where they are planted. However, if you are looking into planting your flowers, trees, or shrubs for the first time, then you should always take into consideration the climate you live in as they tend to have specific requirements. They give our senses some joy, thus, they only serve a decoration purpose.

  • List of garden plants
  • 20 Best Garden Plants in India
  • Choosing the Right Plants for Your Site
  • Plant Identification - Annuals
  • 'Amber Velvet'
  • Landscaping with Native Plants
  • 10 Beautiful Shrubs Used for Landscaping in India
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List of garden plants

If you have a large garden, then instead of using a number of pots with different plants to cover up space, grow these Shrubs Used for Landscaping in India to complement your yard! These can be pink, red, white, or green. The colour, beauty, and fragrance of rose bushes are a must-have for garden landscaping.

Plant them in different colors in groups for a fantastic display! Hydrangeas are popular due to their large flowers that bloom in blue, purple, pink, and white colours. They bloom through summer till early winter. You can use them to mark the garden paths or lay them as a flowerbed. Witch hazel is reasonably drought-resistant and is resistant to many pests and diseases. These attributes make it a great low-maintenance shrub for garden landscaping.

It also blooms fragrant, yellow flowers. It grows upright, has dense foliage, is quite hardy, and has a faster growth rate than other shrubs. Juniper is an aromatic, evergreen, and low-maintenance shrub. Though it can attain a good height, you can keep it under control with regular pruning.

It does well in bright sunlight. This evergreen shrub is very versatile, and it can be pruned into any desired shape. Its glossy dark-green leaves grow opposite to each other and are almost round in shape. Lilac is an easy-to-grow shrub that is resistant to the majority of pests. It grows tubular, fragrant flowers in pink, purple, and white hues. The plant does best in full sun and well-draining soil.

Barberry is commonly used as a hedge or privacy fence because of its uniform growth pattern and adaptability. Moreover, you can use it to create a beautiful background for a flowerbed. Yucca is an evergreen, drought-tolerant, perennial shrub. It has unique sword-like leaves which help add diversity to any garden. Share via. Share This. July 23,Mani S says:. July 25, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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20 Best Garden Plants in India

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In case, its scientific name is too hard to remember, you can call this a Tasman Flax-lily. It belongs to the region of southeastern Australia. The plant.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Site

Plants have names, just like people do. Sometimes two or more plants share the same name, or an individual plant may be known by several different names, depending on local and family traditions. So the everyday, common names we give plants can be confusing to gardeners. To make the naming of plants more precise and universal, an international system of naming plants is used by scientists and plant professionals. Each plant is given a first name and last name, generally based in Latin, that is unique to each species. This name is recognized for that plant throughout the world, no matter what the native language might be. Plants are grouped by their botanical similarities. A botanical family of plants shares certain characteristics such as foliage and flower form.

Plant Identification - Annuals

In her book, The Edible Front Yard , Ivette Soler suggests that each plant have at least two unique features that make them worthy of your real estate. This includes attractive seedpods, color, texture, form or long-lasting leaves and blooms. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see which plants are thriving. Next, consider interplanting edibles with ornamentals for best results.

The resulting list includes over low-maintenance plants. The following information is included for each species: common name, scientific name, maximum size, growth rate vines only , light preference, salt tolerance, and other useful characteristics.

'Amber Velvet'

Whether you can't tell an annual from a perennial or a sedge from a succulent, green up your thumb by learning the basics of the various plant groups. As their name implies, annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in only one season. Typically used to add seasonal color to flowerbeds and planters, these prolific bloomers die back after flowering. Removing spent blooms will stimulate annuals to produce more showy flowers. Common annuals are marigold, vinca, begonia, coleus, zinnia, impatiens, petunia, nasturtium and pentas.

Landscaping with Native Plants

Browse by category or find the right plant with our advanced search. See design ideas. There are endless options when selecting plant combinations for your yard that range in size, color and texture. For reviewing the final draft of the booklet and offering their professional criticism, comments, and suggestions, we would like to recognize:. Chester Leathers, Ph. A special thanks to our intrepid and talented photographer, Dave Seibert.

Bright yellow, orange.

10 Beautiful Shrubs Used for Landscaping in India

Wild Weather Ride! Going for the Hummingbird Gold! Navigating Native Plants. Native Plants for Bees with Leslie Uppinghouse.


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Plants adapted to Utah's arid climate and cold winters have to be tough to survive.

Whether or not you are a plant enthusiast, you cannot deny that plants invariably elevate the beauty of the space. They add a beautiful pop of green in the drabbest corner of the house and undoubtedly, lend an outdoorsy feel to the interior decor. Well, nature definitely has a way of charming us in a million ways and we cannot be thankful enough. Whether you have lately evoked interest in plants and wish to light up your living space or need to alter the interiors for the forthcoming season, there are some uniquely beautiful plants that are absolutely fitting to bring life and colour to your home. Below are 10 examples of ornamental plants with names to end your search. Silver nerve plant is one of the best evergreen ornamental garden plants with deep green leaves that have delicately veined leaves running throughout. That being the focal point, these vein tints can vary from white, silver to green, pink etc.

Here is the list of most common ornamental trees and garden plants in India with common name and picture. Plumeria Alba is the most common evergreen white flowering ornamental plant from dogbane family, also includes Plumeria rubra or frangipani,Plumeria pudica and Pink Plumeria. The white with a yellow in center flowers of Plumeria blooms with lovely spiral shaped appearance and known as Champa in India, used in ritual offerings to the deities or to make necklaces. Lagerstroemia speciosa is a medium sized tree and the flowers blooms only once in a year during the peak of summer, known as pride of India.